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Watch 20 A.C. - (20 Years After Kurt Cobain)

In the two decades plus since the South Puget Sound music scene birthed the rise of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, the music community from which it derived continues to have an inextricably strong resonance of the Nirvana legacy, simultaneously forging ahead with new and original music. '20 A.C.', a feature music documentary produced by the Olympia Film Collective (www.olyfilm.com), sinks its teeth into the remnants of what was, what still is, and explores the direction the legacy will go into the future. Interviews and electric live performances culminate in a Nirvana Tribute Concert, blending homage to Kurt and Nirvana, intertwined with the new music of the South Sound twenty years later. Featured interviews include Aaron Burckhard (original Nirvana drummer); Robert Lang (Owner/Producer @ Robert Lang Studios, Seattle); and Warren Mason (Kurt's first guitar teacher, as well as bassist Krist Novoselic), including the bands themselves.

Music, Documentary
Josh Lalley, Russell Brooks

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