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Watch Galicka Svadba - The Sleeping Beauty Effect

The film "Galicka Svadba - The Sleeping Beauty Effect" tells the heart-warming story about the human pursuit of roots, tradition and identity: Galicnik is a remote little village in the mountainous area of western Macedonia. Until the beginning of the 20th century Galicnik used to be home of more than 300 families which earned their living by cattle breeding and manual skills. Due to its isolated situation, the inhabitants more and more decided to leave their beloved homeland and moved away looking for work and economical freedom. Meanwhile, Galicnik is completely empty. But once in a year, the weekend of St. Peter's Day, everybody all the old inhabitants with their families, children and friends come back to their old homeland of Galicnik to celebrate a huge wedding. Within the years, the so called "Galicka Svadba" (which means Wedding of Galicnik) became an international event known all over the Balkan. About 5.000 visitors join this big event of traditional music, rituals, songs and garbs. The film includes interviews of former inhabitants, the new generation of organizers and ethnically experts. It is shot by a professional Macedonian film team with international experience. It is a DEBUT FEATURE of the producer Christine Detmers.

Documentary, Short
Christine Detmers

All Systems Operational

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