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The thought-provoking documentary tells the tale of UK born Jamie Henshall, 35, who in 2017 embarked on a life changing journey from Australia where he now resides to Bangladesh in search of his father, Suab Ali, after 33 years of separation. Armed with only his birth certificate, an old photograph and his parents marriage certificate Jamie's journey took him on an adventure he had never thought possible. His mission captured the attention of the nation. Whilst his earlier 2016 visit reaped few results, in January this year, when Jamie returned to Sydney, a national TV news program picked up his story, resulting in a segment featuring Jamie and his plight going viral on social, with over 2.1 million views. "My father left when I was two - and it was like he vanished without a trace. All my life, I have wondered who he was, and essentially, who I was knowing nothing of my heritage. After years of dead ends, I took matters into my own hands and searched for him myself...that's when things took a turn," said Jamie. The Creative Director of his company TNM Creative Media and a talented artist, this is Jamie's debut documentary which he directs and stars in.

Jamie Henshall

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