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That drive into camp as you come through the pines. The memories flood back, you roll down your windows, you smile, you exhale; you're here. For the past 60 years, Pilgrim Hills, located near Millersburg, Ohio, has been sacred ground for thousands of people who have walked those trails, had an encounter with God, laughed until they cried, survived thousands of mosquito bites, and sang songs until they had no voice left. Quite possibly the most important aspect that Pilgrim Hills accomplished is by simply being camp. In February 2017, the Ohio United Church of Christ conference made the decision to close this special place and move everything to their other property, Templed Hills. This documentary tells the story about the last summer held at Pilgrim Hills, and why this place has been so special to so many people around the United States. This film also explores the nature of summer camping today and what the future holds for places like Pilgrim Hills.

Brandon Young

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