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Watch The Greatest Sacrifice

The film takes place in Syria/ Eastern rural Idleb/Saraqeb city. The film, which has been shot for over three years and through two main characters, Haaf and Daour, monitors the transformations of the Syrian revolution over these years, ranging from peaceful movements through the beginnings of armaments, liberated areas, to the growing of Islamic discourse and greater control of Islamic factions. The film deals with these transformations and conflicts in its space and intersections with the characters of the film on the one hand and with the surrounding community on the other hand, through two main axes, the city and the road around the city at times, and penetrates it at others; accompanied by the "road guard". These two individuals, before being represented in individual cases, represent an example of a large segment of Syrian youth who experienced these transformations ... In addition to being a representation of a range of values that they believed in to the extent of sacrifice and to die for it.

Eyad Aljarod

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