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Watch Toxic Bees: Human Intervention

'Toxic Bees - Human Intervention', the sequel to Taiwan Public Television Service's Toxic Bees- Nature's Mayday in 2014, continues to tackle environmental sustainability issues. Apart from tracing the mystery of bees disappearing worldwide, this film builds stronger scientific links between pollution, human health, and bees. The documentary took 18 months to investigate pesticide misuse, revealing the difficulties and pressures faced by beekeepers committed to environmental protection, scientists supporting pesticide control, and scholars concerned about public health. It also portrays how these people, acting with their conscience, advocate new ideas while fighting against the oligopolies that control the agricultural supply chain. Furthermore, the documentary extends its reach from Taiwan to other countries filled with controversy over pesticide use, such as Japan and the United State. By interviewing people on site, the film covers these contested issues from all angles.

Yen-Ming Lai

All Systems Operational

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