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Watch Victor Hugo Street, Number 2

The story on an 82 years old woman that was born in Marocco, and at the age of 13 decided to leave everything and go to Israel, Either, with her family or without. After 67 years she is comming back to her city looking for her home, for her childhood, and for her grandmother's grave, to say thank's. the story of the girl Gilberte Raises subjects like divorces in the Jewish community from the children's point of view. How did the families managed conflicts, and how a young girl felt having to move inbetween. The searching process brings up memories, from the landing on the ground of Marroco, The encounter of the senses with the Moroccan experience, With the language and tastes, and the smells, And the sights of the streets and alleys, This encounter stimulates her memory cells, Because that was exactly the setting of her childhood. accompanied by her 3 childrens and 2 granddaughters she is starting the journey touring the cities of Marocco, enjoying the company of her family, and getting in to the atmodphere. On the way she remembers her decision to leave and her arrival in Israel. The closer she get's to her home town, the stronger her memories becomes. the story is told from the point of view of both, Gilberte and her son Nati.

Documentary, Family
Nati Malhi, Yuval Otzar

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