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A catastrophe has fallen on mankind; all are as gone... there is still a wayfarer who wanders alone in this post-apocalyptic world, collecting samples of topsoil, bark of trees, dust. The man dwells in an abandoned house, in which he catalogs these vestiges, these traces to compose a map. Even he does not know what this map is for. Strange memories of a distant past torment him: perhaps the traveler was a 'terrorist', engaged in a sort of anarchist warfare. But soon another 'presence' appears in the house, without being perceived by the protagonist. Is he a ghost? A 'double'? An extinct voice? He asks questions and preaches of a 'promised land'. This thought somehow creeps into the mind of the traveler, who begins to have visions: diaphanous images of a maid of another time, which perhaps he has already met and who seems to show him the way to the 'promised land', playing an ancient melody with a medieval psaltery. Who are these 'presences'? These appearances of the mind? What is the meaning of the map that the traveler has drawn and where will it lead him?

Mystery, Drama
Riccardo Vaia

All Systems Operational

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