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Watch Pleasures Prejudice Pride - An Indian Way of Filmmaking

Are the canons of modern film criticism unable to appreciate melodramatic performance forms? Is song and dance an inferior form of storytelling? Why do Western audiences love the very aspects of popular Indian cinema that Western critics dismiss as pastiche? Can there be standardised parameters for reviewing diverse national cinemas? Who sets those benchmarks? Do films from colonised nations suffer from post-colonial racism? Does culture influence film criticism?... These and many other questions exploring 'alternate perspectives to film reviewing and an Indian way of filmmaking', shape the interviews-driven drama in this thought-provoking, ideation documentary. 12 international scholars, critics, writers, curators, actors and filmmakers from two continents come together to discuss the universal pleasures of Indian cinema and debate some fundamental misconceptions around the reception and review of the 'unique' narrative attributes of the world's most-prolific, much loved film industry, that is fast emerging as 21st century's most influential national cinema after Hollywood.

Piyush Roy

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