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Watch In Robespierre's Footsteps

The film tells the story of a school excursion by a class of high school students who left in the footsteps of the lawyer Maximilien Robespierre. For this purpose, they are guided by the President of the Association des Amis de Robespierre pour le Bicentenaire de la Révolution (ARBR) and meet during their trip a professor from the University of Lille, a specialist in the French Revolution. Combining scenes of historical fiction, lively debates between the students and their guide, and off commentaries, the film show us six scenes from the life of the most famous of the arrageois. He stops at the departure of the very young deputy of the Tiers for Versailles where he will represent the 'Savetiers-mineurs' he helped to write their grievances. Throughout their journey, high school students discover, through the famous causes defended by the young lawyer, the stubborn defender of the people, the oppressed, and the gradual emergence of his political thinking. The film adopts an educational and entertaining point of view, offering the viewer an objective look that makes him want to know more about the character.

Documentary, History
Gallo Thomas

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