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Watch The Sako Tapes

The film focuses on Sako, an eccentric Indonesian man with Chinese roots. Sako is struggling with his past. He is traumatized because of the murder of his innocent father, who was part of the approximately half to one million 'communists' that were killed in the transition period to the Suharto regime in Indonesia in 1965. Beside 'communists' among the victims were also a lot of farmers, unionists and Chinese. This happening is still taboo in Indonesia and what makes it more painful for Sako is that during this period, he supported the co-responsible leader Suharto. To deal with his trauma, Sako went out with his camcorder and filmed people close to him and talked with them about their traumatic experiences. More indirectly related to his trauma, he filmed the nuns and priests of a peaceful Indian religion called Jainism. One of their main characteristics is a preach for pacifism and in which they go further than any other religion. As an example, you are not allowed to kill plants or any other living being on earth. Sako admired their way of life, and at a certain moment he took part in their rituals and tried to come closer to liberation.

History, Drama, Documentary
Machiel van Den Heuvel

All Systems Operational

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