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Watch Glue for life

The documentary movie is about a young street kid 'yohannes' who is addicted to sniffing glue. The kid went out to street because of a bad friends who taught him to steal the household from his father's house and his father kicked him out to street. While he was on the street he started trying different drugs like cigarettes, khat and sniffing glue and he is more addicted to sniffing glue because it makes him feel high on the rainy season, and it helps him to beat hunger and also help him to get not hurt when bad boys tried to attack him. Yohannes went out to street one year ago and he was always waiting for the day that he could get out of this life, and a luckily on the day we were shooting this film the local NGO workers came to him and asked him a few questions and also said if he could stop this addiction they would take him back to school and also they will take him back to his father's house. A week later yohannes stayed on the organization rehab centre and stopped all his addictions, and the NGO workers took him back to his father's house as they promised. The NGO that yohannes stayed is one of the biggest Non Government organization in Ethiopia the which works on vulnerable kids and took thousands of kids from the street. Yohannes was scared when he get back to his father's and ever the father was so pissed when he saw him but after a few minutes of argument the NGO workers convinced the father and made them live together and also he get back to school. Glue....

Eskindir Gidebo

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