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Watch The Joyous Nights of a Ridiculous Man

A story of three dispossessed people in the times rising communalism and right wing forces. It is an adaptation of Dostoevesky's and Premchand's short stories. The film is a minimalist and sparse look at the alienation of a small town photo studio owner. The protagonist, Gulmohar finds himself completely out of sync with changing times and has dug himself deep into an abyss of mass media and pornography. In order to escape from his mundane existence, he takes a flight into the world of dreams and ironically experiences emotions and idealism in this world of dreams. It explores his relationship with a sex professional, his betrayal, his guilt, and his redemption but not before he falls in love. The film is the meeting of the political with the poetic. The film follows a back n forth movement in time and concentrates on specific episodes in the life of the protagonist. These episodes have an extremely abstract representation and therefore extremely stylised. A voiceover in the form of dialogue with its immediate environment and the audience.

Sharad Raj

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