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Watch Song for turbulent youth

Being full of bright hope for the future, six friends graduate from college and start their adventure in real life. They spend time together in Yimeng's dinner bar and Menzhu's restaurant frequently. Life seems to be peaceful. But in fact, it's thickly sown with thorns. Guan Xiaobo was born with a silver spoon, yet his limousines shop is not well-run. Chang Fan is from a poor family. He wants to start his own business, but he's only a delivery boy. Ni Wawa's advertising agency thrives, but her secret love makes her linger in sorrow. Tang Feier, who dreams to be a singer, loses herself in temptation of fame and gain. Facing the storm of fate, they return to the harbor of friendship, and eventually reach the shore of happiness.

Adventure, Romance
Jianhua Yang

All Systems Operational

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