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Watch My years with Bergman

For about a year my father asked if I could help him to film an interview. He had talked to his neighbor, Lennart Olsson, and the old man had caught his attention with his past history. Now my father wished to interview Lennart and record his story. With me living in Stockholm and my father living in south of Sweden it was hard finding time for it to happen. After giving some advice how to set up the cameras and record the sound, my father went ahead and recorded the first interview himself. After a second try I finally got to some time to help him finish and complete with a last interview and some pictures with Lennart from his house. From the very start my father had a vision of a blog. But his vision grew. Could it become a short film for TV? Two years went by until I finally sat down with all the material. This is a film where Lennart Olsson tells about the years when for four intensive years worked as an assistant to the great director Ingmar Bergman. A time he hasn't wanted to talk about, only first now to my father.

Biography, Documentary, History, Short
Johanna Liljegren

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