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Watch Thank you Globalization (how to die from free trade)

In reality, what they consider as being free markets is nothing but the dictatorship of the market. To decide what is possible are the global masses of consumers, individuals wisely uneducated and blind to the observation and understanding of what surrounds them, wandering without a reason from one end of the globe to the other, obsessed with selfies, prisoners of narcissistic individualism which requires constant gratification. What is most interesting is the number of likes collected on social networks It strikes the absence of any real exchange with the place they visit. It is not surprising then, that the market has decreed the victory of forgery, of kitsch, of reproduction of poor quality. Creating individuals incapable of understanding quality, basically, is the true challenge of global markets. A challenge that, for the moment, seems to be largely won. And here too, a huge mass of individuals pours out every day on this tiny island. Patiently in line, barricaded like a small army, ready to take possession of a piece of history as if it were a trophy, without giving anything in return, if not a few changes.

Michele Vietri

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