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'Carmela's diary' tells the story of a 15-year-old girl who lives on the outskirts of Naples and is forced to work for her family's shopping center. Caged in a life that only promises her an uncertain future. Carmela perceives her adolescence as captivity, forced to live as a prisoner by her mother, Maria, who forces her to sell drugs along with her older brother, Ciro. War breaks out amongst the gangs in the neighborhood and Carmela is forced to stay indoors, with the windows well sealed, and give up everything, even one of the things she loves the most, going to school. Powerless in the face of the circumstances that ferry her to an uncertain destiny, made of fear, refusal, co-living surrounded by crime, Carmela attempts to escape confessing everything to her best friend, her diary. The difficult reality, in which the little protagonist lives, slowly compromises her purity and her innocence, almost like an unavoidable consequence of the rotten and deviated context in which she grows. Ultimately making her not only an accomplice but also a slave to that reality, the only one who she knows, resigning herself to it.

Vincenzo Caiazzo

All Systems Operational

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