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Life can include different types of collisions and challenges. Always on the path of human life are ways to choose in between. Sometimes these decisions are voluntary, and sometimes decisions are taken from coercion and imposed on humans. For two years now, I live in Sweden and to this days I feel that the greatest moment of my life was when I decided to emigrate. In my view, immigration will be a never-ending process for immigrant humans. The conditions that are always on the move. But the issue that matters is the decision to immigrate. Deciding to leave everything that is for you and putting it behind the head and moving to unknown places. Occasionally, human beings are forced to emigrate on the heels of war, religious problems, family economics, and sometimes this decision is made on the basis of will, and the person chooses to emigrate with determination to achieve better conditions or the freely of society. According to Émile Durkheim's sociology theory, the structure of society is formed on the basis of social reality. And the realities of society mean culture, social norm, and relationships. As an artist and a filmmaker, I was forced to follow the reality of Iranian society to continue the work of my art. But these facts farther away from me, and they did not allow me to be free. For this reason, I took the most important decision of my life, namely, the decision to emigrate.

Documentary, Drama, Short
Alireza Badiee

All Systems Operational

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