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Mughal Tamasha, a unique Folk Theatre evolved towards later part of 18th Century in Bhadrak region of Odisha in the eastern coast of India. By that time, Odisha had already been ruled by the Afghans, the Mughals and followed by the Marathas. And, Bhadrak was the gateway of these alien rulers to Odisha. Distinguished poet and playwright Banshi Ballav Goswami was the creator of this unusual form of rural theatre. Entertainment apart, the main objective of this folk play was to create communal harmony amongst the oppressed Hindus and Muslims and, also to ridicule the lapses of Mughal administration through a series of farcical enactments, songs, dances and music. The use of multiple languages - Farsi (Persian, the court language), Urdu, Hindi, Bengali and Odia in a single play is a unique feature of Mughal Tamasha......

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