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"2 and 2 ain't 22" is the product of the encounter between traditional and contemporary rituals and the relationship between geography, time and cultural blend. The construction and deconstruction of the city of Beijing is shown through the perspective of a group of skaters with different nationalities who construct their reality based on the city and memory. Each story of migration is unique and has its own perspective and nuance, influenced by the personalities and situations of each character. Based on this, I document and witness reality through the lens of my camera without interfering with the natural development of the characters, ambience and context. This documentary is resolved in a discussion with the role of the viewer, giving as a result different readings according to the geography, culture and memory of the viewer. Questioning, generating doubts and empathy in our understanding of the system, structures, emotions and behaviors in times of rapid change is part of my intention.

Alexandra Eguiluz

All Systems Operational

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