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Characters Although the three main character are all from working class society, they obtain very different characteristics and personalities. While building the characters, the focus on their living environment, language and behavior enriches their personalities, making the story more realistic. Keynote: This is a crime genre film. The storyline sets an upbeat pace with abundant intensity. Suitable for multi-line parallelism and omniscient perspective to explore and explain the story. By narrating the motives and actions of the characters who discovered, purchased and committed murder, their point of view are intertwined together to create and accentuate the mood of mystery. The hand held camera technique with sharp cuts between shots, makes the story more succinct and clear. The main theme: By using a crime story, a series emotions of every day ordinary people unfolds. The working people who struggle to survive among this society. When their life is interrupted and goes into turmoil, emotional values become the last standards. Right or wrong does not exist, each holds personal miseries. All is made for the last effort to survive.

Crime, Thriller, Drama
Jiao Feng

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