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Watch Long Live Gir

'We believe, Without Development, we may live poorly, but without our Jungles and Wildlife, we surely will Perish'. Khamma Gir Ne is a bold and daring documentary film project to unearth the truth about the success/ failure story of Lion Conservation in Gir, last abode of The Asiatic Lions. Khamma Gir Ne is also about bringing in awareness about basic Human Rights of Forest dwellers and the natives. Though Khamma Gir Ne is focused on one tiny isolated part of Gujarat, the related issues and topics not only imply the rest of India but the whole planet as well. This conservation is co-related with the existence of the people living in this space and outside as well. This sample study reflects the face and the fact that we belong to the planet, the planet does not belong to us and therefore nature first is the only key for sustainable growth story and this implies to all other nations and their ecosystems. what we need is Evolution, not Innovation.

Narendra Mojidra

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