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The story is about Juninho Cabral, a Brazilian who have suffered from tetra-amelia syndrome, a centennial disease that made his limbs incomplete. It seems life have always been difficult for him. The story reveals the pain in his life and what he has always wanted: to prove to his family, who had ignored his ability, that he is a man of capability, rather than a physical challenged person. The story reveals the contradiction between Juninho and his family, which includes his mother and father and other relevant family members. After college, with the help of his good friend Ray, he starts to work as a fitness teacher in Ray's gym as well as being a coach in a local futsal (five-person football, very popular in Brazil) team. The day has come for Juninho leading his futsal team back to Itiquira for another futsal game. This was a perfect chance for him to show that he can make a difference to his family. Therefore, an invitation for his family in foreseeable. At last, Juninho lost the game in front of his family. Although Juninho was upset, he made his effort of proving himself to his family. This film ends with Juninho went back to his family's place and celebrate.

Documentary, Family
Mike Yuchuan Lyu

All Systems Operational

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