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Watch The uncle's flower shop

When do you go shopping for flowers? When I confess my first love, For a beautiful farewell, When you comfort someone,.... We go to buy flowers when we want to comfort and be comforted. Lilac's flower means 'First love'. Iris's flower means 'Tell me good news'. Garden balsam's flower means 'Don't touch me'. so, every flower have its meaning. Here's a little flower shop that chooses the right flower for people's situation. The name of the flower shop is 'Uncle flower shop'. Uncle 'Dalma (means 'Evening primrose)' and her daughter 'Park Ha (means 'Peppermint flower)' who run the flower shop, give people their own flowers and heal their hearts. But there was an unexpected secret between Dalma and Park ha.... What is the secret of a father and a little daughter?

Young Cheol Jang

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