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Tariq is a teenager; he is also a refugee. Tariq is seeking asylum in the United Kingdom after escaping persecution in his birth country. With a journey that no human being should have to suffer let alone an unaccompanied fourteen-year-old, Tariq makes his way across continents, via truck, boat, train and lorry; escaping prison, suffering hunger and avoiding danger to arrive at the border of the UK and his subsequent attempt to settle in this country is his story. We witness Tariq's battle with loneliness and the authorities. We share his frustration with The Home Office as he awaits a decision as to whether he has the right to remain. Tariq hopes and prays he has found a place where he will be safe and free and can find a new home. Tariq is played by eight boys, actual young asylum seekers and refugees, some of whom await the Home Office's decision about their uncertain futures.

Ray Kilby

All Systems Operational

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