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Some may think that the age of exploration is over...maybe you just have to know where to look. Beyond Roads is an expedition of discovery. The film follows five explorers as they travel to the remote Musandam peninsula at the northern tip of Oman in order to study tsunami deposits and undiscovered archaeological sites. The team is dropped by fishing boat at the northern most tip of the peninsula and will have 10 days to hike over 50 kilometers through spectacularly scenic and equally rugged mountains to return to civilization in the town of Khasab. Oman is a desert nation containing vast sand seas, rugged coastlines teeming with aquatic life, and a wild and unexplored mountainous hinterland. It is also a country with a rich culture rooted in antiquity. Isolated, rugged, desolate, and beautiful, this often misunderstood corner of the world still offers vast stretches of terrain that have seldom, if ever been explored by anyone but the locals who settled in the region generations ago.

Documentary, Short
Simon Donato, Gemita Samarra

All Systems Operational

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