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Watch In a mixed landscape

One day I decided to attend the presidential candlelight vigil and went to Gwanghwamun. I moved to The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul for a while, and instantly I made a mistaken illusion of surreal time and space. In front of the museum, there were Kyeongbok Palace and The National Folk Museum of Korea, If you climb a little along the road, there is a Presidential Blue House. The purpose of the candlelight vigil on this day is that the president will step back from the Blue House, History that will change the existing past, present, and future that did not know before. Candlelight vigils and art galleries, which are vivid sites of change, And the harmony with the heterogeneity of political, social and cultural things I have privatized the coexistence of everyday life and my gaze on it in cinematic and artistic forms.

Short, Documentary

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