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Watch Songs of Injustice: Heavy Metal Music in Latin America

Experience Latin America through heavy metal music. In this documentary film a team of researchers, led by Dr. Nelson Varas-Díaz (Florida International University), examines the social contexts that influenced the emergence and permanence of heavy metal music in Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Peru. Colonialism, dictatorships, terrorism, and neoliberal exploitation serve as points of reference for this musical movement. The team explores how heavy metal in the region has been directly linked to each country's social and political context, while addressing issues of social justice and solidarity in their lyrics. This is the third documentary from the team that brought you the award winning films 'The Distorted Island: Heavy Metal and Community in Puerto Rico' and 'The Metal Islands: Culture, History and Politics in Caribbean Heavy Metal Music.'

Music, Documentary, History
Nelson Varas-Diaz

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