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This story starts with a very mysterious and exceptional young man, SK Alamun. His life was quite different than others. He was by born a thinker. In 1991, he devoted himself in meditation and continued sincerely for 12 years up until 2003. He wanted to prepare himself for a unique life and went to the mountains where nothing could distract him or his thoughts. His journey begins with, as he calls it 'the isolation period'. Eventually he returned to his little village in January, 1st, 2003 and decided to write a book about his spiritual experiences. It was going well at the beginning, but like most of the writers he was also getting lost in this process and at one point he had locked himself in a room just to concentrate on writing. Being in complete seclusion and sometimes being frustrated he even used to beat himself with a stick to overcome writers block. Somehow it did pay out and he finished his powerful novel, Nuhuler Monchitro, in 2008. In this novel he portrayed his philosophical ideologies and believes. A man who took 12 years to find his inner self, could not be satisfied easily. His heart was looking for something else! Besides writing a novel, he noticed an unconditional attachment for the underprivileged children of the village and he felt the urge to do something for them. It seemed like his novel was a primary step towards a beautiful beginning.

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