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"If you come from Naples you are a camorrista (mafia man)". I heard this statement thousands of time. The main characters of this documentary are three guys who, thanks to their will and skills, managed to go away from a criminal world they were surrounded. For the average man They are criminals, but their only bad luck is to be born in a difficult environment. Leave Naples, your family, friends, habits to move to New York it wasn't easy, but they had to run away from those people who were leading them into wrong choices. With their past life and experiences, they want to help those who are in their same position and push them to change life! Uagliu' is a documentary that gives the voice to all the people who are considered criminals or people without any future which instead they can actually show how without anything they can succeed like other people and follow their dreams. Leaving Naples it's difficult, And even more if you have to stay in another country for a long time.

History, Documentary
Marcello Maselli

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