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The biography of the two Iranian families is in Natanz. The first family (filmmaker) is living in a deserted neighborhood in the old house under the supervision of the grandmother 'Omme Leila' and with her war veteran father. At the other side of the city the rich part her friend zahra lives. Zahra's family are relatives of the former Shah of Iran. After the revolution they have suffered depression, the mother of Zahra, 'Leila', was thirty years old before her first marriage, Bahram Khan, and again married Zahra's father, but in all these years the first husband At their side they live in a home and the whole family is unemployed. Now, Hasti and Zahra and have taken practical steps toward family policy. Narrated video of the last week Hasti has been living in Natanz, which has been registered with her mobile camera.

Hasti Taghizadehaliakbari

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