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In 1921, the island of Ireland was divided in two. Originally intended as in internal boundary, the 499km long border became the backdrop to a violent and bloody period in the region's history. The 'peace process', culminating in the 1998 Good Friday agreement, paved the way for an end to violence and the softening of the border. Hundreds of rural border crossings have been reopened, bridges have been rebuilt, and villages have literally been reunited. For 20 years there has been an open, almost invisible border. The only sign that you have crossed the border is now an occasional sign indicating a change from metric to imperial speed limits, or vice versa. But the result of the 2016 'Brexit' referendum, has left a dark cloud looming over that situation. All of a sudden, this unusual and contentious border is set to form the frontier of the European Union. 'The Border' is a documentary film that tells the story of this unique area, and unique situation, as told by the people who live and work in the area. Don't expect interviews with historians or political figures, the emphasis instead is on meeting every day people who live on or near the border. On our journey from Carlingford lough in the east, to Donegal in the west, we meet 4 people who's every day lives, businesses and livelihoods are all directly influenced by the border. They discuss the troubles of the past, the effect that the 'peace process' has had on the area, and their worries and concerns about the future.

Short, News, Documentary
Kilian Drury

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