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"What is love' This is an experimental film based on ture stories. It is about how a white collared woman from Shanghai and a local man in Dali (in Yunnan province,southwest of China) encountered and missed each other. The story begins with the woman's first perspective. In her flow of consciousness, past and present, destination and distance, life and death... everything is illusory. Is this feeling a deja vu memory or illusion? Is it a dream or real? Perhaps as Sanmao, the famous woman writer wrote: Love is like Zen Buddhism. It can't be said or spoken. It's wrong to say even one word. This is a multi-dimensional narrative film, inserting a documentary interview section in the story, which was made at the same time when the feature parts shooting in Dali, in hopes of igniting the audience's reflection on love. The director, scriptwriter ,actors and the core team are all settled in Dali, where the town has been mentioned as the last paradise of hippies in China. The actors are all amateur, who used to be artists, musicians, poets, reporters, scientists ,business elites in Metropolis before emigrated to Dali. This is their first acting. It is the director's first feature film as well.

Documentary, Drama, Romance
Lin Liu

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