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2016-17 saw the worst prison riots in decades. Across the country the prisons estate exploded as campaigners and prisoners warned. The flames of the riots cast a light on the so-called prison crisis. Look hard and you'll see it's not that prisons are in crisis, prisons are the crisis. Made by a convict during a period of conviction, poverty and homelessness, Injustice investigates the crisis, and delves into the world of prisons, crime and the judicial system. Ex-prisoners, activists, criminologists and even prison governors tell us who the prisoners are and why people go inside. We hear from campaigners of people being imprisoned for crimes they didn't do, prisoners and guards tell us of the brutality of life inside, there are 40,000 assaults and 16,000 incidents of self-harm a year, out of a population of 80,000! Campaigners speak out on the shambles that is the criminal justice system, and prisoner families tell us of the torture of having a loved on inside. Injustice asks what are prisons supposed to do and what they do actually do. Injustice, called an "astonishing piece of work by former prison inspector Faith Spear, ultimately asks: if it doesn't work, what's the point of prison?

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