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Watch Adelheid, Kornelius & die Töde

The eccentric couple Adelheid (78) and Kornelius (82) have been married for 53 years and only have themselves. They maintain a very individualistic lifestyle which often leads to a lot of astonishment by their fellow citizens. As of their stubbornness they only have themselves and fight to spend as much time together in the future as possible. The forceful Kornelius is the dominant part of their relationship. So far, Adelheid has always just gone along with everything, never having to make any decisions herself. Everything changes when Kornelius prostate cancer is prognosed at an advanced stage. They both are realists and know that the symbiotic Us won't last forever. Adelheid starts to prepare herself to be a widow some days. She has to learn to become more independent. Rehearsed relationship conditions start to turn around, as she thinks that Kornelius might be the first one to pass away. In precise miniatures of everyday life, the atmospheric long-term direct cinema documentation depicts their attempts to maintain normality and happiness, chronicling the farewell to their joint life. It deals in personal and humorous ways with universal topics like gender, love and life decision, self-determination, death and inner peace.

Kirstin Schmitt

All Systems Operational

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