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Laser Bullies

Corporate capitalists without a conscience viciously bully an ordinary man in a decade long legal battle relating to the lucrative laser spine surgery industry. Laser Bullies has a compelling message about the ability of an ordinary man to withstand unjustly losing everything, while finding support from family, friends, business associates and his faith. Through Interviews and the examination of public documents, an inspiring story unfolds about the resiliency of the human spirit. Laser Bullies highlights judicial findings of fact by the Florida State Second District Court of Appeal pertaining to the behavior of business executives, medical doctors and the corporations they ran; which the Court described as "Reprehensible Acts." From Wall Street to Mountain Home, Arkansas, the arrogance of modern day Goliath's and the consequences of their actions on an ordinary man living in Mountain Home, Arkansas will be on full display.

Sean Dunson, John Dunson

All Systems Operational

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