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Watch Balancing the Waters

Since the development of the "Subak" irrigation system in the 9th century, Bali has enjoyed a unique harmony between its human inhabitants and mother nature largely based on the balance of water. Ironically in actuality, Bali is faced with a major water crisis due to the growth and modernization supporting a fervent tourist industry and ever expanding population. Bali is being thrown off balance and the consequences are potentially disastrous: desertification, impoverishment, and even famine. Our story begins at Waterbom, a world renowned water park on the island of Bali that realizes how a business like its own can potentially have a devastating effect on the Balinese balance of water. After considering different solutions, the company delves into ancient irrigation systems and finds that the key lays in Bali's past, the answer flows in between the rice fields. 'Balancing the waters' is about the basic human obligation to achieve balance in our environment. By focusing on Bali's plight, this documentary presents us with the current state of affairs regarding water in our modern world and what we can do to turn the potentially disastrous situation into a prosperous one.

Short, Documentary
Anton Goenechea, Falkwyn Goyeneche

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