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Kendra Johnson has a knack for defying the odds. When Kendra was born with an extremely severe physical disability, the doctors didn't know if she would live -- let alone walk. Worse yet, nobody seemed to know where to begin to help Kendra gain the mobility she would need to live. Kendra's mom refused to take no for an answer, and sought out every possible form of therapy that could give her daughter a fighting chance at an independent life. Little did she expect that the solution would come in the form of four hoofs and a saddle. Many years later, Kendra is now crushing every obstacle in her way, and has her eyes set on new goals, like college. No one expected Kendra to achieve so much in so little time, nor did they think horses would play such a large role in it.

Documentary, Short
Vincent DeLuca, Ethan Downing

All Systems Operational

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